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The Order of Things

Resume Film

Directed by Ramona Badescu & Jeff Silva

Co-Produced by Cinéphage Productions

At the ripe age of 90 years old, Alexandru gardens, jokes, and continues to repair watches in the workshop opened by his father in 1909, somewhere in southern Romania. But what is invisible to everyone, and what has changed his life forever, is his past as a political prisoner.


The Order of Things is an attempt to record the fragmented memory of one of the last direct witnesses of the Romanian forced labor camps and political prisons as well as an ode to resilience.

The Order of Things


Directed by / Ramona Bădescu & Jeff Silva
Written by / Ramona Bădescu
Cinematography / Jeff Silva
Sound / Ramona Bădescu
Editing / Catherine Catella & Jeff Silva
Assistant Editor / Simon Lacaze
Original Music / Enrique Schadenberg


César Bernal
Andrés González
Jesús Rodríguez
Enrique Schadenberg

Color Grading / Alexis Lambotte
Sound Editing / Yohann Bernard
Sound Mixing / Antoine Pradalet
Titles & Graphic Design / deValence

Technical Support

Foggy Window Productions
Image Fantôme Films
Label 42 Studio
Lyon Capitale TV
Harvard University Film Study Center

Lyon Capitale TV

Director / Olivier Attebi
Program Manager / Perrine Robert
Production Assistant / Suzanne Gangloff

Cinephage productions

Producer / Victor Ede
Line Producer / Nicole Levigne
Manager of Productions / Aziza Kaddour
Production Administrator / Najiba Kanane
Production Assistant / Tancrède Rivière
Production Intern / Victoria Rezelman

Foggy Window Productions

Allison Cekala

Jeff Silva

Funded by

LEF Moving Image Fund
CNC - Centre National du cinéma et de l’image animée
La Région SUD - PACA, en partenariat avec le CNC
SCAM Brouillon d’un rêve
PROCIREP, Société des Producteurs and ANGOA

Additional Support & Participation

La Fabrique des écritures ethnographiques
Fondation Camargo
Balagan Films / AgX

Grădina Films


Distribution / Tangente


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